eye suck...

eye suck?? that's weird. but anyway......

alright, ladies, this one's for you...(who am i kidding, do any men read this?? i'm going to go with no...)

i'm definitely no make-up expert. never have been. i think i do a decent job at keeping my face looking as decent as possible, but sometimes it just really struggles. i've never been one to buy the super expensive, professional brands of make-up, mostly cuz i couldn't justify paying that much $$ for it, when usually regular store brands work well enough. i know, i know, with most things, you get what you pay for, and i believe that, but i really think you can have beautiful make-up with revlon, maybelline, cover girl, etc brand products. do you agree?

let's talk mascara for a minute...or two. i used to always use Avon before a friend introduced this lovely Almay mascara to me. i've now used that for a few years. it's worked well, i've liked it well enough, obviously, since i have kept using it for a long time. maybe i'm just bored with it? maybe i want my lashes to just be way more super awesome than they are? let's be honest...my lashes kinda suck. they're short and straight and just not the greatest, but that's what i have to work with.

i searched around a bit recently, and found that lots of people/places raved about this mascara. so i thought, well why not give it a try. i was running out of mascara anyway, so instead of buying the usual, i got this new one. let's just say, i don't think it's meant for lashes like mine. i can't seem to figure out how to make it make my lashes awesome.

perhaps i really should try one of the fancy, expensive kinds? (shh, don't tell my husband!) perhaps i really just need a lesson in putting on/using mascara correctly?? this is a very likely answer. so i guess i'm just wondering if you lovely ladies with lovely lashes can give me any advice. i don't want/need any crazy lashes, or even spectacular lashes. just nice lashes. i don't wear tons of make-up usually (getting up and being to work by 7 most days makes my make-up efforts very slim) but i would like them to look as nice as i can get them to look with a somewhat minimal amount of work. ooh, which leads me to another question - in the commercials, where they tell you it only takes 'one brush and you have dark, luscious lashes' really true? cuz if so, then i need more help than i thought.

so PLEASE, leave me any and all suggestions you may have, expert or not! i'm happy to hear them. thanks girls!!


  1. I am (currently) in search of the same thing! If you look on my last favorite things post I asked the same question and got a lot of responses for different mascara's. Look it up and let's search together. :)

  2. I don't remember the brand but stiletto is awesome. It's the best mascara I have found in a long time.

  3. Hey, are your eyelashes still squished from when Blake sat on your face? Do you remember when you used to always tell me that?

    But on a serious note, I love L'Oreal's Voluminous. I've tried a lot of different kinds and I just keep going back because I love it the most. So if you haven't given it a try...it might be a worth a shot. And at a cheaper price.

  4. I will second mallory. I love Lash stiletto by maybelline. It's my favorite of the moment. If you want fuller lashes than I would go with maybelline's volume one... I can't think of what it's called but it's in a big fat tube. I only wear maybelline mascara. I love them.