pearly love

i've really gotten into pearls in my older age. haha that just made me sound like 50 years old. but really, i used to never be a pearl kinda girl. but i've grown to LOVE pearls ever since i was in china and experienced the 'pearl market'. a wonderful place. anyway, these are a few of my pearl loves as of late:

aren't they lovely? they're all found here, in case you find them as lovely as i do.


  1. I've never liked pearls much either, but I could wear any of these. Darling!

  2. I have always loved pearls. :) So classic and timeless.

    In the new template designs all the headers are off centered! So frustrating! I have been playing around with my blog all day trying to fix things. The only way I was able to center mine is to take a screen shot of it and then re post it as an image in my header. Does that make sense at all?

  3. I've always loved me some pearls. and we have super similar taste because your last post about the vintage pearl made me go there and i wanted that ring and that necklace... and you also made me decide what i want for my very first mothers day.... :)

  4. Mara, I have become into pearls lately as well! We are turning into old ladies, but classy old ladies :)