a little PC buzzzz

a couple of weeks ago, Jae and i met a couple of Jae's friends up at Park City to join all the crazy flocking birds of people and celebrity-stalk. it actually wasn't too cold until the last 20 minutes or so. and then i was miserably unhappy and wet and cold. BUT we did see a few peeps before we left. and here are a couple of the pics......

Maria Menounos (and crazy stalker that was wearing a shirt that said 'celebrity's love me'...also, he 'proposed' to her with a ring pop. poor girl...

Danny Glover. he was looking kinda old, i must say.

about 10 seconds before this pic was taken, jae had the best moment of his life. the man standing in the middle of this crowd of people, who's back you can see, is 50 Cent. THEE 50 Cent!! we happened to be RIGHT outside his huge black Mercedes van when both him and Floyd 'Money' Mayweather walked out. of course, the camera battery died at that moment and jae was too flustered with 50 Cent saying 'hey, what's up' to him, he couldn't get his phone out to take a pic haha. i finally got the camera to turn on long enough to take a pic as he was walking up the stairs. still, jae's life is now complete.
for those of you that are Bachelor/Bachelorette fans, we also ran into Kypton and Tenley! i did get a picture with them, but i'm sorry. i look too awful in the pic (not just because i'm standing next to gorgeous Tenley) to post it. but i do have it, i promise :) good times! well, cold times.

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  1. so, i wrote a comment and then my internet went down so it didnt save it. and now i don't feel like writing it all back out. plus, it wouldn't be worded as cool. shucks.

    so, heres a quick sum up: i want to see this picture that you refuse to show, i would like to go up to PC one of these yrs to sight see celebs, and so cool 50 cent talked to jae!