can you handle this??

it's time for a major update! it's been too long. can you handle this overload??....

we spent 2 weekends in dec. house sitting for friends. one weekend was spent with these rambunctious puppies, Milo & Bella. they love Jae. can you tell by all the smothering?

Milo giving Jae loves by leaning on his face :)

this is Bella snuggling with me

the second weekend was spent at our friends, the Miller's, with this sweet lil boy Sam (there were 3 other kids too). Sam & Jae were BFF's by the end of the weekend!

we went bowling for one of Jae's work parties.

jae's a bowling machine!! can't you see it in his eyes?

we celebrated my bro-in-law Tyler's birthday. this cake was MASSIVELY thick and solid. Jae couldn't even finish his piece. and that's sayin somethin.

making & decorating sugar cookies with the kiddos! hana, momma susan, zack, and clara.

milo, momma kellie, river (who mostly just licked frosting off his knife, i think) and quinnie.

clara's fancy cookies. she's so cute :)

how ridiculously cute it River's face?? love that little puckered smile.

pretty much don't mess with jae while he's decorating his cookies.

hana, clara, jae. the girls kept asking jae if he'd learned to smile yet. haha. i have no idea why they'd ask him that??... ;)

my mom's cat Griffin (aka my niece hana's griffy) found a new, perfectly shaped bed!

Kenzie came home for the holidays!! enjoying some hang out time at Paradise, yumm

 of course, we spent some time downtown, enjoying the pretty christmas lights at temple square!

we squished Leslie and her baby bump into her coat as much as possible haha

good times

all da boys: jae, troy, jackson, eli, dallas, & preston

 pretty temple

i just love this pic of troy & les!

until next year...

and now for christmas:

first year of getting new jammies to open on christmas eve! mom & pop's

jae & i with our new pj's

hana banana and i waiting for our christmas brunch!

momma & papa fred

santa jae with baby ben. adorable.

we got my mom & dad seasons 2 & 3 of the big bang theory. this is about as excited as she gets about presents, so i think we did good ;)

all the kids opening their matchy gifts from g + g fred

he was by far the cutest, snuggliest part of christmas this year :)

we spent new years with a few friends, and now are ready to start this 2011 year. we look forward the happy times that are ahead of us. may you all have a happy 2011 too!!

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  1. That was a big update! Cute new blog design. :)
    Ps, I also am glad we are family, love you.