i have a good job.

it's normal monday-friday hours. it's totally flexible (sort of). it pays more than any job i've ever had. i really can't complain.

but i am complaining. i'm bored with it. is that horrible to say? i'm not meant to sit at a desk all day and not be more around people.

so i applied for another job last week. this job is still here in primary children's, just downstairs a couple floors. it'd still be normal hours. perhaps (a lot) more interaction with people than my current job. a very decent pay increase. something i really think i could do and enjoy, at least more than my current situation. while i didn't really get too excited about this job i applied for, i was kinda hoping, deep down, that maybe something would come of it. i even talked to the woman who currently has that job.

well. i got the email this morning. no new job for me. i feel a little more sad about it than i expected. but everything happens for a reason, right? guess i'm where i'm supposed to be, for now.



  1. ah, friend -- i'm sorry. i know how that disappointment feels. its not very fun at all. hang in there my love, everything will all work out how it is suppose to (i need to learn to take my own advice ...) i'll be thinking about you and hope something better and way more awesome comes along soon for you!!

  2. Everything does happen for a reason (at least that's what I tell myself)! :) And I don't think it's horrible to say that you are bored at work. You're just being honest... right?!

  3. thanks for the encouragement ladies :) girlfriends are the best.