the big numero ONE!

jae and i celebrated our FIRST anniversary on January 7th, 2011. it's weird - i can't decide whether it went by quickly or seems like it's been much longer than that. a little of both, i guess. anyway, it's been the best year of my life, and i cannot wait for many more to come.

i got out of the shower, walked into our room, & found this sweet lil surprise waiting for me on our bed. of course, i immediately started crying my eyes out.

Jae had written me the sweetest note and got me a gift card to my favorite - Coldstone!

and we were off! Jae didn't know any of our plans (it was my year to plan!) so he was a bit confused...

we went to lunch at Thaifoon, one of jae's favs, and i tried this yummyness: honey walnut chicken. delish!

we love Thaifoon!

we then went to see 'True Grit'. good movie! i didn't take any pics of us at the theatre, so here's jae holding our tickets haha
after the movie, we ran home, packed our bags, and drove up to Park City for the night. we stayed in a lovely little condo at the Treasue Mountain Inn at the top of Main street.

we love our sushi, so we went to Flying Sumo for a late dinner. oh man, it was delicious. their rolls are bigger & much more filling. needlesstosay, we were STUFFED to the brim.

two of our fav rolls - Vegas & Playboy

the hotel had a rather large jacuzzi and it happened to be right outside our door! perfect. and there wasn't anyone else in it, so once again, perfect :)

the next morning, we SLEPT IN! it was fabulous. then we got ourselves ready and had breakfast at Callaway's Morning Ray Cafe. i'm sorry for all the random food pics, but we ate such good food all weekend! this was honestly one of the best breakfasts i've EVER had. soooo good.

packin up and heading to the outlets

strolling down Main Street

after a full afternoon of shopping at the outlets, we came home to try some of our wedding cake and cheesecake! we had a BIG ole piece. i don't know why we saved so much?

chocolate raspberry swirl with cream cheese frosting. it was actually pretty tasty after a whole year! the cheesecake...not so much :(

it was a most fabulous weekend! jae's the best thing that every happened to me, and i'm so happy i get to spend the rest of forever with him. LOVE YOU JAE!!!!!


  1. happy one year anniversary! time is so weird sometimes -- because i totally know what you mean about not knowing if it went fast or slow ... sometimes, it feels like i've been married forever (in such a good way) and then other times i can't believe its already been 4 years!

    all that food looks amazing. especially the breakfast! i love breakfast food.

    anyway... i love you + jae -- and am so happy you found each other! here is to a lifetime more of anniversaries!!!

  2. oh mara i just loved this post! I've never met Jae, but he seems like such a cool guy! I'm so glad you found him, and he is so lucky to have such a stellar girl like you by his side!!
    we really should get together sometime and play!
    congrats on 1 year!

  3. Awesome post and awesome couple! I'm happy you guys are so happy and in love. I love that you cried when you saw your flower surprise - I would have cried too knowing I was going to get some ColdStone!! :) Hee hee. Love you guys!