yes, i know how to spell 'greats', but this is the month to be GRATEful. i'm stealing this fun little daily thing from my good friend slash sister mary elizabeth. every day for the month of november, i will list one (or more) thing i'm grateful for! it's a good way to get in the holiday spirit and simply remember all the goods in life, which is something we should do all year 'round, anyway. i'm a bit late on my start, obviously, since today's the 3rd, so i will post 3 things today instead of one:

*i'm grateful for my husband. he's the first thing i must list, because without him, i feel that life would be slightly dull and uneventful. jae's the best thing that happened to me, and he keeps me happy.

*i'm grateful for blankets, jackets, sweaters, scarves, pretty much anything to keep me warm. if you know me, then you know i'm ALWAYS cold. especially at work. (dumb bob next to me keeps his fan blowing away all day, every day. he knows i'm always cold, and still runs his fan like he'd die if it wasn't...) it's a good day when i'm snuggly warm :)

*i'm grateful for holidays. if nothing else, it pretty much MAKES you get together with friends, family, people you haven't seen in forever (even when they live in the same city as you!) they're fun and add an extra sparkle to a sometimes not so sparkly life!

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  1. yay for gratitude! cant wait to see these each day! :) thanks for playing along!