month of gratitude, days 6 (oops!) and 7

since i'm on the computer all day, monday through friday, i have a hard time getting myself to do things on the computer on the weekends. so doing these daily gratitude posts might prove to be more difficult on the weekends!! obviously, since i already missed yesterday! so today, i'll do two...

today (the 7th), i am grateful for fun little anniversaries! today is jae's and my 10 month anniversary! it's as simple as that. time flies.... :)

(the 6th...)
i'm grateful for days off!
i always thought having a monday through friday schedule would be ideal, and finally i got a job that is just that! but i quickly realized that getting up and going to work every morning, 5 days in a row (when i was doing exactly opposite of that for so long) proved to be quite tiring. by friday at 5pm (or more like 10am reallly), i am so tired i just want to go home and sleep for an entire day. anyway, the point of this is to express my thankfulness for saturdays, or any day that i don't have to go to work, really, and the ability to just be home and relax and get things done there.

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