month of gratitude, days 17 & 18

man, i'm struggling lately. somehow i just totally spaced doing my post yesterday! it's been unusually busy at work this week and i've recently caught this fun cold. so i blame the cold medicine...

day 18:
i'm grateful for cuddle time. i know it sounds cheesy as ever, but i know deep down, you people out there enjoy this too, even if you wouldn't ever blog about it! jae left to play basketball last night around 830, and i was totally in bed, ready to sleep by 850. it was fabulous. well, later, around 1230 when jae finally got in bed, i woke up for a bit and we just got to lay in bed and talk and have a few minutes of cuddle time. nothing more, nothing less. and it was SOOO nice. i enjoyed it lots.

day 17:
i'm grateful for soft tissues and vaseline. my nose has been out of control the last couple days, and it's already red and raw and sore. so after blowing my poor nose about 200 times, i put some vaseline on it, and already by this morning, it's feeling lots better and not nearly as red or sore. having a slightly shiny, vaseliney nose for a few hours is totally worth it :)

1 comment:

  1. ah, nice tip on the vaseline! i should tell vince since he's fighting a cold too!!

    and i am soooo with you on the cuddle time. its seriously the best. i love the nights we get in bed, cuddle up to each other and just talk for a little bit. its so nice!!