month of gratitude, day 24

today, i am grateful for...well...technology i guess? in a round-a-bout way? haha. let me explain: i'm thankful i have the ability to get on facebook, look at friends' blogs, fun, crafty blogs, HGTV.com, etc. all the many websites that give me small breaks during work and help me get through the day. i am also thankful for texting and being able to talk to jae pretty much all day long. that's a HUGE help in getting me through my somewhat (usually) long work days. this post sounds kinda weird maybe. a little bit. but i'm still grateful!!!


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  1. i totally get ya'. technology is great ... especially for me with how i dont like to talk on the phone -- this way i can keep up really easily with my seesters who live out of state! it's awesome.